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We protect clients against financial losses with insurance & risk management solutions

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Access to global risk pools
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We provide Insurance & Risk Management Solutions
The professionals at Smuts International have decades of experience assisting organizations with insurance & risk management solutions. Clients benefit from the latest advice in the design and placement of local and international insurance programs, combined with globally benchmarked insurance coverage.

Global Network
Through our global network of associates situated in over 200 jurisdictions worldwide our clients are assured of the latest global developments shared by means of our local doorstep service.

Specialist Claims Settlement & Crises Professionals
All losses are negotiated and settled by veteran claims and crises management handlers to reach amicable settlement solutions.

Crises Response, Reputation Management & Risk Mitigating Services
We complement our offering with crises response, reputation management and risk mitigating services provided by hand-picked communication, crises, digital, legal, risk and security experts.

Executives are also assisted with:
  • Management Practice Consulting Services
  • Contract & Incident Registers
  • Business Risk Gap Analysis
  • Reputation Management
  • Risk Control & Mitigation
  • Crises Communications
  • Cyber Risk Oversight
  • Critical Incident Logs
  • Systems Thinking
  • Governance Risks &
  • Public Affairs
Insurance & Risk Expertise
Aircraft Hull & Liability
Airport Owners & Operators Liability
Alternative Risk Transfer
Art & Floating Collections
Captive & Contingency Insurance Programs
Bankers Blanket Bonds
Buy & Sell Agreements & Life Coverage
Commercial Crime
Construction & Engineering
Court Bonds
Cyber & PITech
Directors' & Officers, Management Practices
Employment Practices Liability
Environmental Liability
Events Liability
Financial Bonds & Guarantees
Financial Institutions
General Broad Form Liability
Hardware & Software Liabilities
Imports & Exports
Intellectual Property
Key Man Coverage
Kidnap & Ransom
Legal Liabilities
Leisure & Tourism
M & A's
Medical Malpractice
Motor Third Party Liability
Passenger XOL Liability
Pension Fund Trustees Protection
Products Liability & Products Recall
Professional & Technical Indemnity
Renewable Energy [Solar & Wind Plants]
Schools* [Assets, Governance, K&R & Liabilities]
Social Media Liability
Sport Events
Stock Throughput
Technical Liabilities
Trade Credit Risks
Umbrella & Excess Liability Layers
Warehousemen's & Carriers Liability
Wine Industry
Local & International Insurance Capacity & Coverage
We have access to large local and global risk pools including Lloyd's to assist with insurance capacity and coverage.

Platform of Insurers & Underwriting Management Agencies
We place business with the following insurers & underwriting management agencies:

Camargue, [Bryte, Compass, BRIT & Lloyd's]
New National
Customized Multinational Insurance Programs
The challenges of operating in various countries and regions across the globe are complex, including the consideration of capital, regulatory, tax requirements and the like. 

Smuts International has been a trusted advisor to companies operating on an international basis and in need of customized multinational insurance solutions. We are assisted by dedicated experts worldwide with an in-depth knowledge of local markets, to keep organizations safe, compliant and protected across borders.

To cover global exposures a multinational can opt for either a Single Global Policy issued to the parent company or use Standalone Local Policies issued to overseas affiliates. A third option is a Controlled Master Program that combines both options to provide the benefits of local and global insurance protection.

Risk Management Philosophy
Centralized Risk Management
Under a centralized approach, one relies on a single global insurance policy issued in the home country to cover the organization and worldwide exposures. This policy enables a multinational to assess risks and insurance needs centrally to provide consistent terms, conditions, limits and umbrella attachment points for operations worldwide.

De-Centralized Risk Management
A multinational requiring local coverage to address the different needs of its operations may opt instead for local policies in each country where it has exposure. The policies are then tailored to local requirements and practices and afford a vehicle for local claim servicing and local payment of claims, premiums and premium taxes. 

International Insurance Expert with Global Expertize
We recommend that you consult an international insurance expert with global expertize to assist as your risk advisor with planning, strategy and ongoing day-to-day coordination and guidance when considering international expansion to assure proper and effective execution that is aligned with your international expansion strategy. 

Self-Insurance Programs
We are also able to assist with Self-Insurance Programs to provide clients with the flexibility to determine retaining risks or insuring risks that are not available in traditional insurance markets.

Tools, Resources & Processes
To do all this, we use a number of tools, resources and processes based on information from more than 200 jurisdictions to help clients achieve their risk, governance, contract certainty and duty-of-care objectives, whilst also delivering an efficient, seamless and globally consistent experience.

One client at a time philosophy
We follow a one-client at a time philosophy to assure bespoke advice and fit for purpose solutions.

What our clients say
"Thanks to the expertise of Smuts International we as an organisation continue to save millions in losses prevented and insurance premiums saved that we would have had to pay away to insurers.''
If I have a Business Interruption Insurance Policy, and I am unable to trade, can I file an insurance claim?
The Insurance Policy Wordings of each and every Insurance Company differ as to insurance coverage for contagious or infectious diseases.

A traditional Business Interruption Policy will respond if a claim under either a Fire, Building or Office Policy is triggered by say an Earthquake, Fire, Impact, Storm, Water, Wind or any other nominated peril, subject to the agreed waiting period and the limit one has opted for. 

In general insurers may offer coverage extensions at an additional premium under a business interruption or loss of income policy, which some in short call contingency business interruption [CBI]. Where clients have opted to take up the CBI extension coverage for contagious or infectious diseases may have been included subject to the policy wording. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 insurance companies no longer view the coronavirus as an unforeseen risk but as an existing event or condition that can cause loss. Accordingly insurers have amended their respective business interruption policies to exclude contagious or infectious diseases. Many insurers have opted to delete the reference to contagious or infectious diseases and amended their CBI wordings to read as follows: ‘Any Other Events: Loss following interruption of or interference with the business in consequence of murder, rape, suicide, food or drink poisoning, vermin, pests, or defective sanitary arrangements occurring at the premises or shark attack or wild animal attack within 5 km (five kilometers) or bomb threat or oil spill within 15 km (fifteen kilometers) of the premises to which this insurance relates; PROVIDED THAT: the Company shall not be responsible to pay more than R1million for any one event.’

If I own a Captive Self-Insurance Program, can I claim?
Yes, Life and General Insurance Clients with Captive Self-Insurance Programs can agree to write their own insurance policy wordings to fit and meet their own specific requirements to ensure that their unique nominated losses relating to unforeseen Accident, Asset, Business Risks, Cyber, Income, Legal Liability, Life and Medical Accident Claims are covered.

If I have a Life Insurance Policy, and I get diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, can I claim?
Life Insurance Companies as a rule do not have a general exclusion that disqualifies insured persons from claiming for the virus or illnesses related to it. 

Our view is that Life Insurance Companies will continue to assess claims against the terms and conditions of the policy contracts, and if a claim is valid and meets all claims criteria, the Life Insurance Company should honour and pay the claim. 

Below are some examples of how a well-structured Life Insurance Policy should settle a claim if a Life Assured were to be infected with a virus.

Death Benefit
If a Life Assured should die from the Covid-19 virus, or a related illness, the Life Insurer should pay the death benefit.

Sickness Income Benefit
If the symptoms of the virus result in a Life Assured being booked off work for longer than the waiting period (7 days or 1 month), the Life Insurer should pay the Life Assured up to 100% of the Life Assured’s net income. Some of the Life Insurers we place life business with will not ask, by example that a Life Insured should prove loss of income.

Temporary Income Benefit
If a Life Insured is unable to do her job for longer than the specified waiting period, the Life Insurer should pay the Life Insured her monthly income for up to 24 months to replace any lost income.

Severe Illness Benefit
If a Life Insured is diagnosed with the virus and it leads to a listed condition, like chronic kidney failure, the Life Insurer should pay the claim.

If I do not have virus symptoms, can I apply for cover and will I be able to claim if I do get diagnosed?
YES, Life Insurers have as yet not changed how they underwrite new applications. If a Life Insurer offers you cover and you have a Covid-19 virus or illness claim [in the future] the Life Insurer will assess your claim against the terms and conditions of your policy contract. If your claim is valid and you meet all the claims criteria, the Life Insurer should pay your claim.

If I have the COVID-19 Virus, can I get underwritten for coverage?
NO, not immediately, one can apply again in three months after getting back to good health.

If I have the COVID-19 virus, can I get funeral cover?
Yes, one can. Please note that normal waiting periods for claims due to natural causes may apply. 

If I travel abroad, will I still be covered and be able to claim if I get infected with the virus?
Life Insurers have not changed their position relating to travel. If you plan to travel to a foreign country for longer than 90 days or for reasons other than holiday, then we advise you to notify your Life Insurer in writing. This position also applies to Group Life Policies. The Life Insurer could then either review your premiums or the terms and conditions of your contract. We advise clients to determine the position before travel.  

Are there any additional disclosures that I need to make relating to the COVID-19 Virus to avoid experiencing any issues at claim stage?
It is vital to disclose all information in full detail when applying for insurance coverage. This includes past and current health data, hobby and sport activities that may be relevant to your application. When you are in doubt; DISCLOSE! Any information that a person withholds may have an impact on future claims, or by example a reduced claim pay-out or in extreme cases, a declined claim.

How do Medical Schemes Cover and Respond to COVID-19?
It is best that you consult your Medical Insurance Advisor as to how your Medical Scheme would Cover and Respond to COVID-19 medical conditions.

You are invited to call any of our Business, Life or Medical Insurance Advisors to discuss any additional questions you may have.

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